Monday, October 19, 2009

4 ways you can help The Hope Institute for Children and Families

#1) Suggest - Help us expand our base of supporters by suggesting our fan pages to your friends and family.

#2) Share on FB - Share our stories with those you know and encourage them to pass it on.

#3) Digg it, Buzz it , and StumbleUpon it - Have you ever wondered why a handful of sites tend to dominate the world of search engines and internet news? The answer is simple, they have a dedicated following that shares their stories with news aggregators.

Our objective within the communications department is to maintain positive public perception and increase our engaged base of supporters. You can help spread the mission of The Hope Institute by signing up for a Digg It, Buzz Up or StumbleUpon account. Once you have signed up for an account, when we share a story specific to The Hope Institute, simply click on the Digg It (or other) icon at the bottom of the story. By doing so, you are helping to increase our organization's online exposure and helping to direct individuals searching for special needs information to our organization. With the strength of our employees and supporters, we have the opportunity to spread the message of Hope.

#4) Contact us - If you stumble upon a article pertaining to The Hope Institute, please let us know. We want to maintain a positive image and must be able to properly react to both positive and negative articles published about organization.

We are appreciative of the dedication of all our supporters.

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