Saturday, June 4, 2011

Advancing Hope 2.0 - New Design, New Content

Welcome to the newly revamped Advancing Hope!

In the fall of 2010, I launched a redesign of The Hope Institute for Children and Families website.  As part of the redesign, we moved our blog to the newly designed site (which you can view here).  Since that time, has remained vacant, without any updates or new content...but that is about to change...

Starting today, the newly redesigned Advancing Hope, will serve a new purpose by uniting two of my passions:  A love of web design, social media and digital marketing, AND a love of helping nonprofits, especially Hope, succeed in the digital age.

Advancing Hope will offer a mix of digital and social media tips, reviews and ideas for everyone; special content geared to my colleagues in the nonprofit industry; and an intimate look at my work with The Hope Institute for Children and Families.

From tips and content designed to help protect and optimize social media in your personal and professional lives, to marketing ideas and tools for private and nonprofit businesses, to the opportunity to learn more about the organization I love; Advancing Hope will offer value to everyone. 

So Buckle Up!  Subscribe to updates by email! Read more about our digital marketing successes! Check out my personal blog! And prepare for an exciting ride!

Thanks ~ Jarid Brown

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