Sunday, October 27, 2013

United Way - SJ-R weekly column - Addressing homelessness in our community

Originally published Sunday, October 13, 2013 in the State Journal-Register.  Look for weekly United Way columns in the Our Towns section during the annual campaign.
Addressing homelessness in our community
By John Kelker, President at United Way of Central Illinois 

In the coming days, our city leaders will engage in a lively debate over the future of services addressing homelessness in our community.

Although the subject of this debate centers on the relocation of Helping Hands of Springfield, this discussion demonstrates the need for community leaders to develop and implement sound strategies which promote coordination of care, provide sufficient services and position those services in areas of town with the greatest need.

Addressing the issue of homelessness begins with the coordination of care. Fortunately, the Heartland Continuum of Care was established to encourage agencies to work together to plan, organize and deliver services to meet the needs of the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless.

Among Heartland’s most important initiatives was...Read More

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